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Lords Mobile is an extremely interesting and entertaining game designed for iOS, Android and Amazon platforms. This massively multiplayer online technique established and released by IGG studio from Singapore is a free to play game and it likewise offers some paid bonuses that make this game more entertaining, easier and faster. This game is very popular and became one of the leading strategy games available in the App Shop (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). It has actually got more than 65 million players from the whole world. This fascinating game also won the Google Play Awards for “Best Competitive Game” in 2016 and in 2017 it was nominated for “Finest Multiplayer Game”.

This is an open space strategy game with components of RPG video games. Players are able to establish their kingdoms by playing in various game modes. Obviously the mode of PVP-battles is the most popular among gamers. Naturally the main job of each gamer is development of his kingdom and constructing a powerful army to attack enemy bases, damage bases and to safeguard from enemy attacks. Armies likewise search for resources and capture opponent leaders. Gamers are permitted to assault other gamers that belong to the same kingdom, but there are also special occasions called Kingdom Wars with all servers opened for attack.

Typically this game includes mechanics of open-space RPG, real-time technique and world-building games. Gamers have the ability to utilize unique guards that protect them from attacks, they are likewise able to combat with monsters that randomly reveal on a kingdom map and they can likewise participate in many different competitions and events that enable earning extra bonuses and resources.

This interesting game also provides some extra modes of gameplay:

Hero Techniques– in this PvE mode, a gamer performs various obstacles with making use of unique heroes. Effective finishing of these phases enable making new heroes, additional experience and pieces of equipment.
Colosseum– a PvP mode in which a player choose a group of five heroes and fight with a group of heroes chosen by other player. According to the results, gamers will get higher or lower positions in the ranking. They will also get Gems (premium currency) for their ranks.
The Maze– another intriguing PvE mode in which the gamer is able to combat with a boss to win various resources and speed-up items. Sometimes gamers can also make a prize of Gems.
Gamers have the ability to develop and sign up with Guilds produced by other players. These guilds enable collaboration with other players and for making extra benefits.

The aforementioned game includes more than 40 heroes divided into various types. There are Intelligent, Strong and Agile heroes offered to pick. Each one features his/her own special skills and qualities. Gamers have the ability to improve their characters so they will become more powerful. Player can earn heroes by finishing specjal Hero Stages. Numerous strong heroes are offered in unique paid packages as a premium material.

As we can see, Lords Mobile is an extremely fascinating and intricate game with many interesting modes that provide players a lot of fun for a very long time.